I have been listening to John Cage’s “Credo in us” and this is really a fantastic piece of composition. I think I should soon look for the Sibelius software and start composing some music. There is something that is fascinating about John Cage and it his music somehow resonates with me and my explanation for that is it has a contemporary feel. Now, as I know very well, when I start talking about contemporary feel, everything becomes fuzzy and I give the impression of being deep but thats what this music does to me. It takes me somewhere else as it buzzes my eardrums.

I started listening to Cage’s music about four years ago. It was not a case of loving this music at first sight. My interest  for John Milton Cage’s  has been growing ever since and now I listen to him very frequently. And yes, Cage’s middle name is Milton, and it would not be an overstatement to suggest that he is a worthy successor to the name Milton . Like the old paradise relinquishing Milton, Cage is non- conformist and innovative with his composition.  Cage’s eclectic style to me at least is an abstract convergence of the east and the west. Here is one of my personal favorite:


Anyways, as I finished writing this, I have started to listen to roaratario.  Amazing is not enough a word to describe roaratorio.


Myself when young did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint and heard great argument
About it and about: but evermore
Came out by that same door where in I went. (Adapted from Khayam)



As I am drowned in work, I have cut down on blogging a bit. However, I have explored some new music. Recently, I have been listening to folkish experimental easy listening music. Here is the taste of one of my recent favorite.

Lord of the ants?

This morning I found the video on ants which I found very amusing. I am familiar with  biologist Edward Wilson’s popular book “Unity of Knowledge” which I had picked when I was in Washington DC during Christmas. I think his book is slightly misguided (which I could go on and on about but I would rather not). However, I like him and to Wilson,”reason” does seem to be the slave of passion.

Anyways, it was refreshing to see a nova documentary which I found accidentally on ants and life of Edward Wilson.  Here is the link to the video:


I am told that “cause” is supposed to generate “effect”. You can guess the “cause” but it turns out that the residual effect of St Pat’s day is that I tend to sleep through the afternoon. As I wake up to what turns out to be a beautiful spring day I reminisce my days living in the midwest. Although I never went to see Chicago river dyed to green in St Paddy’s day, my experience usually is to wake up the next day to a frigid morning.  Somethings do change.

Now I will enjoy this beautiful day and later nurture the thought that needs further thinking.

A dyed chicago river

A dyed chicago river

Vincent Van Gogh

The story of Vincent Van Gogh is fascinating to say the least. While I was looking at my tag surfer in the blog I found this video made by via MultiUniversus. Although, I have not seen it yet, it is in the list of “things to do” this week. I shall let you know my mind in full about this video soon.


This is one of my favorite Pink Floyd song from the album Meddle. While a lot of people (who did not listen pink floyd as religiously as I did ) may not have heard this song, I think this is one of their best work.  I definitely suggest paying attention to the lyrics. Here is a line from the lyrics:

“And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds ,I look down Hear the sound of the things you said today”