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I have been listening to John Cage’s “Credo in us” and this is really a fantastic piece of composition. I think I should soon look for the Sibelius software and start composing some music. There is something that is fascinating about John Cage and it his music somehow resonates with me and my explanation for that is it has a contemporary feel. Now, as I know very well, when I start talking about contemporary feel, everything becomes fuzzy and I give the impression of being deep but thats what this music does to me. It takes me somewhere else as it buzzes my eardrums.

I started listening to Cage’s music about four years ago. It was not a case of loving this music at first sight. My interest  for John Milton Cage’s  has been growing ever since and now I listen to him very frequently. And yes, Cage’s middle name is Milton, and it would not be an overstatement to suggest that he is a worthy successor to the name Milton . Like the old paradise relinquishing Milton, Cage is non- conformist and innovative with his composition.  Cage’s eclectic style to me at least is an abstract convergence of the east and the west. Here is one of my personal favorite:


Anyways, as I finished writing this, I have started to listen to roaratario.  Amazing is not enough a word to describe roaratorio.


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