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The army of Pakistan has  struck a deal with the Taliban which effectively concedes the law of the land in the large region bordering Afghanistan . Now, one can see this as a local problem. But perhaps this is a much larger problem of fundamentalist winning against basic human rights such as education.

Swat Valley in Pakistan

I find it really moving to read the diary of a seventh grade school girl in Pakistan in the district of Swat after Taliban decreed to ban girls’ education. Now the Pakistan government has conceded to the Taliban to impose Sharia law in exchange for a cease fire. While cease fires have been made in the past, but never has Pakistan conceded to the Taliban the law of the land.

I am not in a position to really understand whether this is a singular problem or a problem that would have much wider ramification. However, it is pretty clear that Pakistan is in a precarious situation and it is appaling to see the basic rights of people, and especially women,  just taken away from them.


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