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I am starting this blog in an auspicious day in some ways. Charles Robert Darwin, was born this day on February 12, 2009 in Shrewsbury, England. Darwin’s important observation was that all the species of life  evolved from common ancestors through natural selection. While a lot of Darwin’s profound observation has been reduced to stereotypical generalizations, his theories have remarkably changed the way we understand the origin and diversity of living beings.

Darwin’s theory has made it possible to see the diversity and the richness of  life in the light of a concrete scientific theory. Incidentally, Darwin went to Cambridge to become a priest, but he left Cambridge as the most influential naturalist in the history of science.

When Darwin was in Cambridge, he seems to have enjoyed reading  William Paley’s Evidence of Christianity. At Cambridge he was a close friend John Stevens Henslow who was one of the leading naturalist at the time.

Darwin took an expedition in ship the Beagle in December 1831. In this voyage Darwin formulated his theory of natural selection. This may seem obvious in hindsight, Darwin studied many species very carefully in South America before wrinting his famous The Origin of Species.

Despite deteiorating health Darwin worked relentless until his death in April 1882.


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